Who was the patron of the young Joe Biden? Who brought him into big politics? This person was Senator Albert Gore, Sr., father of the future Vice President Al Gore. And who was the patron of Senator Gore himself, who brought him into the big league of American politics? None other than the notorious Armand Hammer, an American billionaire, the owner of the oil company Occidental Petroleum, a Soviet spy, and a man who spent more time with Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin than any other foreigner. Lenin’s sympathy for Armand Hammer was based, in part, on the fact that he knew his father well, the American Communist Julius Hammer, whom he met at the Congress of the 2nd International.

The ideological continuity of three generations of American left-wing politicians is a serious matter. Armand Hammer, Senator Gore (and then Gore Jr.), and Joe Biden have always been supporters of both the Soviet Union and all the foreign policy initiatives of the Soviet Politburo. Biden strongly opposed Ronald Reagan’s initiatives to combat Soviet expansionism. He was an ardent critic of the Strategic Defense Initiative. In the Obama administration, Joe Biden played the role of liaison between the post-socialist fragments of the former USSR and the US, just as Armand Hammer served as a liaison between the Soviet and American Communists.

In Ukraine, Joe Biden played the role of a patron, and this role was played by him easily. In fact, after the collapse of the USSR, in Ukraine, as well as in neighboring Russia, all people who came to power had undergone impressive communist training in their youth.

Almost everyone who opposed Trump and helped Hillary Clinton in 2016 was, to one degree or another, adherent of the leftist ideology. For example, Nellie Ohr, a key figure in Russiagate and the wife of the former associate deputy attorney general under Obama, is a well-known American Stalinist. Her Ph.D. dissertation dealt with Stalin’s collectivization, where she made an attempt to justify the Stalin-initiated deliberate Ukrainian famine, known as Holodomor.

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Springtime for Merkel and Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has declared that Iran's call to obliterate the State of Israel is not an expression of antisemitism.

On October 1, Merkel’s Foreign Ministry labeled the call to destroy Israel by commander-in-chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Gen. Hossein Salami as “anti-Israel rhetoric.”

When the Post asked the Merkel administration if it agreed with the Foreign Ministry statement, a government spokesman told The Jerusalem Post: “We have nothing to add to the reply of the foreign office.”

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Impeachment Creates an Opening for Chappaqua

It appears Hillary is the one who thinks she should be getting impeached.

How is the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry going to turn out? Well, we have already been through the impeachment inquiry, though it was called by another name. It was called the collusion inquiry, and it turned out as most conservatives said it was going to turn out. They said there was no evidence and Robert Mueller, who conducted the official inquiry, found no evidence. By the way, I insist that Robert Mueller is an honorable man. His service to the country was notable. In my opinion, he is a hero in this epic battle between President Donald Trump and the Democrats. Will there be another hero?

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